Free Registration is now open for the Boston Healthcare Summit.
Location: Westin Boston Waterfront 
Hotel Address: 425 Summer Street, Boston, MA, 02210 
Hotel Telephone: (617) 532-4600

The Boston Healthcare TechSummit s jam packed with mission critical content; plenty of networking time and ideas to move your company forward. The agenda features subject matter experts and thought leaders delivering short concise presentations designed to inspire, inform and educate. This conference will help you find solutions to your current headaches and plan for your organization’s future development. Register now and join your peers to get the information you need to make informed decisions on the latest trends, products and developments. Seating is limited so sign up NOW!
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Agenda Summary

10:00 am: Registration, Peer Networking
10:45 am: Welcome and Opening Remarks
11:00 am: Health Care Security Essentials, Best Practices.
11:30 am: Panel Discussion: Investing in Cybersecurity: What, When and How
12:30 pm: Networking Lunch
1:30 pm: Backup and Disaster Recovery
2:00 pm: BYOD, Healthcare Strategies
2:30 pm: Cloud Principles for the Health Care Industry
3:00 pm: Closing Round Table Discussions: Medical Internet of Things (m,IoT)
4:00 pm: Reception after the Summit, Networking an Refreshment

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Date:  November 09, at the Westin Boston Waterfront 
Fee:   FREE to Register (Limited Seating so Register Now).

Who should attend this summit?

• Chief Information Officers (CIO)
• Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
• Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
• Cyber Security Professionals
• Security Architects
• Security Risk Managers
• Medical Device Manufacturers
• Biomedical Engineering Professionals
• Compliance professionals

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Detailed Agenda

10:00 AM– 10:45 AM: Registration, Breakfast , Peer Networking. Arrive to pick up your registration information and enjoy breakfast in the main meeting area while networking with your peers.

10:45 AM– 11:00 AM: Welcome and Opening Remarks. Brief introduction to the start of the summit.
11:00 AM– 11:30 AM: Health Care Security Essentials, Best Practices. Healthcare organizations must balance the security, compliance, and innovation needed to succeed in the changing market. Gartner predicted that over 5 million new devices will connect every day in 2016. Many medical devices have become potential targets for cybercriminals. Concern grows for these devices and those hackers who can tamper with the operation and personal data attached to these devices. With the rapid numbers of wireless connectivity and smart phone apps, medical technology is increasingly exposed.

11:30 AM– 12:30 PM: Panel Discussion: Investing in Cybersecurity: What, When and How Any Healthcare organization collecting, storing, and transmitting patient data is at risk, starting at the physician practices, clinics, labs, hospitals, HMOs, PPOS, and insurers. Security professionals within these organizations need to assess how cybersecurity integrates into the risk management structure, strategic priorities and business objectives of your organization. Key topics will include:

• Risk exposure
• Your current Security Program
• Planning: Investments for Organizations change and growth
• Assessment of your existing Security Investment
• Identifying areas for improvement

12:30 PM– 1:30 PM: Networking Lunch: Enjoy a gourmet assortment of foods and network with your peers and industry experts.

1:30 PM– 2:00 PM: Cyber Breach Response –Disaster Recovery with Q&A
The Healthcare sector represents a prime target for cyber criminals because of patient data. Such as social security number, insurance ID number, credit card number, address, and medical history. That information can be easily used to commit fraud, financial theft etc. Some studies suggest it takes over half a year to detect a data breach. Just alone, the reported data breach figures are astounding, that doesn’t include the organizations that may not have reported the incident, while other organizations may not even know a breach has occurred. This presentation will highlight following steps that can help your organization to create successful incident response plan and focus on what matters.

• Plan only for incidents of concern to your business.
• Creating a breach risk profile
• Define your team members and their roles
• Test and Practice your incident response plan
• Communication Plans and Procedures

2:00 PM– 2:30 PM: BYOD Healthcare Strategies: Healthcare providers can now access data anytime and anywhere, but with the chaos of unregulated devices and vulnerable apps constantly accessing networks across the health industries, crates a palette of security breaches, viruses, worms and intrusive malware waiting to consume the vulnerable data. Join us for this presentation on establishing acceptable procedures and support models that offer a balance for hospitals and their BYOD strategy.
• Defining Devices
• HIPPA Text Messaging
• Containerization
• Monitoring

2:30 – 3:00 PM: Cloud Principles for the Health Care Industry The Healthcare Industry today faces the ever-changing and challenging and heavily regulated landscape of security and patient privacy issues. Across the Healthcare industry, organizations are increasingly embracing the cloud and trusting its security, confidentiality and reliability. This presentation looks at virtualization and cloud computing to provide the flexibility, productivity and cost-efficiency that help Healthcare providers meet agility and compliance goals.

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Closing Round Table Discussions: Medical Internet of Things (m.IoT) Security is critical for IoT, but how big of problem is it? Devices are gathering and transmitting data across a host of platforms,in some cases,not necessary requiring user authentication. Join in on the discussion surrounding IoT Security, data privacy, telemedicine, the demand for connected devices.

4:00 PM: End of Program. Join us for the reception after the summit. Gourmet treats and beverages will be served throughout the remainder of the afternoon.

Date:  November 09, at the Westin Boston Waterfront 
Fee:   FREE to Register (Limited Seating so Register Now).


"It was a well-organized event. Good topics & presentations and useful information."
- Adil Khan, IT Manager, Miami-Dade County

"Attended and I enjoyed the summit. Learned about services/technologies we could utilize at our company"
- Ahmed Mohamed, Software Support Manager, Pharmaworks

"Overall the event was good. There were good vendors that highlighted risks in the area and how their product could help minimize that risk. The location was nice and giveaways are always a bonus."
- Beth Gavish, Information Security Officer, The Bank of Tampa

"The room setup was good, so was the food. Send me the next date please."
- Bill Sandberg, CEO, Rising Sun Systems

"I liked the pace the best."
- Bob Meecham, Sr Systems Engineer, Cox Communications

"The agenda did have interesting topics for me...I would like to see more of these locally."
- Bob Brown, Information Security Manager, Deloitte Services

" I enjoyed it a lot. I look forward to next year."
- Carter Vath, Dir. Tech Support, Ener-Tech

"The speakers were generally very clear and concise, and presented their cases well."
- Chas Vinal , Manager of Business Intelligence, Uniquest

"Keep up the good work."
- Damon Poremski, Network Administrator, PostcardMania

"I liked the various suppliers and the presentations."
- Deborah Hayek, Sr. Manager IT, Honeywell International

"Each vendor had a 30-45 min opportunity to explain their market position or product."
- Douglas Peat, Dir Infrastructure, Pinellas County BTS

"I enjoyed meeting other IT people in the area and hearing the latest offerings from various vendors."
- Elvis Huff, MIS Systems Officer, Lebanon Police Dept

"I really liked the presentations."
- Felix Malave, IT Manager, GlobeNet

"I liked the content and location was convenient."
- Gabriel Flores, Network Manager, Miami Dade Public Library

"I liked the variety of presentations"
- Greg Fleck, Manager Advanced Technology, Landstar Systems

"I enjoyed the variery of presenters."
- Jason Ricci, IS Manager, Johns Eastern Company

"I attended and enjoyed the vendor presentations the best."
- John Ball, Director, Information Technology, United Way

"The presenters and presentations were all excellent – I appreciated the breaks that allowed us to talk with the vendors at the tables that presented and to speak with the vendors that were only tabling."
- Josette Dzencelowcz, Senior Software Engin. Mgr., Travelport

"I attended and appreciated that there wa a large turnout."
- Justin Redifer, Product Development Engineer, ProviderTrust

"I liked the ability to see new technology and applications."
- Marcia Trajano, Sr.Manager - Technology, Philips

"I liked the networking the best. I think this years was the best I have been to. Keep up the good work."
- Mark Ridings, Desktop Supervisor, TWRA

"I like the laid back atmosphere and hands-off approach by the vendors"
- Peter Sanchez, IT Manager, Kluger, Kaplan PL

"Seeing the new stuff from Google was quite exciting."
- Rob Marlowe, CFO, Gulfcoast Networking

"Yes, I enjoyed the event"
- Steven McWilliams, Director of IT Services, Georgia Hospital Association

"I liked the accessibility to the sponsors and vendors, with updated and timely sessions."
- Sid Moore, Director IT, Florida IT Server Group

"I liked the networking opportunity."
- Teresa Moore, Faculty_ Business & Technology, Volunteer State College

"I enjoy news about what exciting things are happening in our area. Keeping the discussions on topic which you do a great job."
- Terry Durham, IS Technology, Motlow College

"Your event had a lot of great insights"
- Travis Gilbert, Director, Fonix

"I liked the networking the best."
- Trenae Floyd, IT Coordinator, Miami-Dade County

"What I liked best was learning about the new vendors and cutting edge technology"
- William Nash, IT Administration, Nason Yeager PA

"The vendor booths were great; speakers were also very good."
- Vicky Hutchings, IT Manager, State of Tennessee